Viper Island


Viper Island
Port Blair,
Andaman and Nicobar Islands,

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How to Reach
Viper Island is located at a distance of 22.3 Km from the centre of PortBlair via NH4. So that one can Reach viper island by hiring a cab or by travelling through local transportations such as taxis, autos, buses, minibuses. Two wheelers and cycles are also available for hire in the PortBlair.Best Option is Travelling Via cab.
Visitor Information
Time Required:
30 Minutes

Entrance fees
Rs 75 to Rs 100

10 AM to 5 PM

Outdoors, Island, Family and Kids, Picnic.

About Viper Island

In between the duration 1864-67, the dividers of Viper Island imprison the cries of Indian flexibility warriors. The remains of the correctional facility, declined by the 2006 Tsunami devastation, can scarcely delineate the adventure that unfurled there. Snake Island, named so after the vessel in which Lt. Archibald Blair went to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, houses two primary structures today. The hangman's tree, where most detainees were hanged, is roosted on a little slope and differences the frightful hush of the island with stories of valiant endeavors set forth by the flexibility warriors. The red working of the court can plainly be found before the Viper Island wharf and like the hangman's tree, sits on the noiseless island, recounting the world its story. Snake Island, prior a standout amongst the most famous cookout spots, has lost a touch of its sheen post Tsunami.

The remains offer a fascinating story to the guests and makes for an extraordinary one time visit. Be that as it may, in case you're short on time, you can give it a miss. The history, the way of life and stories of the British pilgrim lead on the islands can in any case be found in the vestiges, however just as a far off cry. So do try it out in the event that you have time and want to see the absolute most wonderful building ruins in the region.

Learn frontier history and unwind under palm trees at Viper Island, an old British correctional facility for political detainees and convicts in waters profound into South Andaman between Flat Bay and Navy Bay. Come to Viper Island by ship from Port Blair, the island offers a significant understanding into British punitive frontier framework and various beautiful outing spots. Look at a domed run down red block jail organization expanding on the ridge and the site of notorious Viper Island Gallows, a bar inside the working from which they hanged detainees. Various tables detail passings of Indian nationalists against British occupation recount a tale about battle for autonomy. The island was named after a British ship destroyed close to the island in 1789 so you don't have to stress over snakes

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