Mini Zoo

Port blair,
Andaman Islands. 📱 9007742360 📱:9007742360
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How to Reach

  • Mini zoo is located at Haddo, off the Delanipur,Chattam Route in Port Blair.
  • Port Blair is the closest airport to mini zoo which is associated with all other airport like Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and many more..
  • Mini zoo is just 2.5kms from port balir.One can hire vehical to reacch here from port balir.
  • One can also reach by water ways.

About Mini Zoo

The Mini Zoo located at Haddo,port balir,which is famous for its crocodile breeding programs and later released into the coastal mangrove swamps.Mini Zoo is popular to the crocodile farming and breeding programs.This mini zoo is a home for animals like Andaman pig ,Andaman gecko, monkeys, a salt water crocodile, Malayan box turtle and birds like the Andaman dark serpent eagle, white bellied sea eagle, parrots,Nicobar pigeon and trees like rosewood, padauk and maple trees.This zoo has arround 200 species of birds and animals.Group of Deer with horns and salt water crocodiles are the major attraction to this mini zoo.Many animals and birds moved to Chidiyatapu Biological Park,which is recently opened.This zoo do not attract many visitors.This is a perfect place for nature's lovers to visit,it is fully cover with nature and green.It is quitely attracts childrens.This zoo well maintained by the forest department and it is also established museum near mini zoo.
    Visiting time
  • Morning:7 AM-12.00PM
  • Noon:1 PM - 5 PM
  • Working day's:Sunday-Saturday except Monday
  • Nature walk inside the zoo
  • Exploring the views of the birds,animals and trees.
  • Enjoy the jaw grapping crocodiles
    Best time to visit
  • October to May is the best time to visit zoo.
    Fee details
  • Adult-2 Rs per person
  • Children-1 Rs per person