Anthropological Museum

anthropological museum,
Thomas Colony,
Port blair,
Andaman Islands.
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How to Reach

  • By Taxi:Road is major mode of transportaion.24kms is the distance between the Port Blair and Maya Bunder which is covered by bus transport.Buses are ferried by boats in between Port Blair and Maya Bunder.Baratang and Kadamtala islands should be crossed and Rangat city should be crossed to reach Destination.
  • By Bus:Busses available from Port Blair and south Andaman.Bus service is provided by the government are limited so taxi,cabs are avilable.
  • By train: Chennai Central is a close railway station to andaman ,which is connected to mumbai since andaman doesn't have any railway stations.
  • By Air:Port Blair is the closest airport to Museum which is associated with all other airport like Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and many more.
  • By ship:The ships are available to port blair which connect the cities like Kolkata, Chennai and Vishakhapatnam.Three to four ships are available from Chennai and Kolkata to travel to Port Blair.Only one ship is available from vishakhapatnam to port balir.To reach port balir,it take arround three day's by ship and Five to six day's in ferries depending on weather condition.

About Anthropological Museum

Anthropological Museum is located in port balir near Bengali Club,which is established in 1975.The various articles like handicrafts, tools, arts and crafts, implements, photographs,clothing and also models of clay,the houses, utensils, ornaments,the tools,weapons and equipmentare used by the tribes displayed here. The Anthropological Survey of India is maitains this museum. Anthropological Museum is te place to know about the life and times of the tribes of the Islands.This Museum provides opportunity to understand tribal life on the island.Anthropological Museum has six native tribes- four Negroid viz, Onges, Sentinelese, Jarawas and Andamanese; and two Mongloid viz, Shompens and Nicobarese.With out specail permission,the visitors are not allowed inside the tribal area.It take arround one hour to complete tour of the museum.There is a library with several interesting books on indigenous tribes by various authors which is recommended government publication.This book is just 20Rs.This museum attracts many tourists and visitors of the island. The Zonal Anthropological Museum has many collections of the Negroid tribes.The nomadic lifestyle has been displayed in Zonal Anthropological Museum.Some 500 types of the tribes of Andaman and Nicobar Islands can seen here and also 75 photographs with 5 maps,charts.
    Opening Time
  • Morning:9AM–1PM
  •  Noon:1:30–4:30PM
  • Opened in all the day's except monday.
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    Best time to visit
  • October to May is the best time to visit.