Chidiyatapu, PortBlair, Andaman and Nicobar islands

How to Reach

Badabalu Beach is located at Chidiyatapu, which 25 Kms from PortBlair.

About Badabalu Beach

Badabalu Beach is an unblemished Beach, concealed far from all the vacationer swarms. This long extend of grayish sand and blue warm waters is perfect for families with little youngsters. The shallow waters permit long strolls by shore bordered with lavish green woodland offering a lot of shade. The old fallen tress lying on the Beach make it extremely pictures and beguiling. Something to be thankful for is that the majority of times you'll have the shoreline independent from anyone else as no visitor wind up here and local people come just on ends of the week to have family picnics.
  • Badabalu Beach
There are no offices, so do bring enough water and a few snacks on the off chance that you mean to remain longer. The drawback is by and large so perfect and without any group there are voracious sandflies that can be exceptionally irritating. Repellent is an absolute necessity and lying on the beach is not a savvy thing to seek after. Getting to this disengaged shoreline is very dubious.
Numerous neighbourhood media units have revealed about the frightful state of the beach however no activity was started by the Tourism Department to either clean the beach or to develop a street to achieve the beach. Presently a gathering of Jawans and Officers of Indian Navy have taken a lead and cleaned the Badabalu Beach in Andaman, demonstrating the tourism division the correct approach to keep up a beach. Separated from the general visitor swarm, Badabalu appears to be a unique from the conventional Andaman Beaches. The sand is grayish dark colored and the water is a cool shade of blue. The Beach, however, is cut off from the horde of sightseers – presumably in light of the fact that it needs simple access and furthermore it doesn't have any offices for guests. The absence of group isn't generally something worth being thankful. It regards spot somebody all over to realize that you are still in contact with human advancement and there is somebody around just if there should be an occurrence of a crisis.
  • Badabalu Beach
The BaduBalu Beach is constantly dismissed. Open assert that now a days, guests dissuade from wandering close to the Beach because of poor availability and absence of essential offices. The street prompting the beach is in such poor express that regardless of the possibility that one achieves the Beach utilizing the street, it turns out to be for all intents and purposes difficult to return due to the worn out and uneven surface. Rubbish scattered along the Beach has risen as another worry for guests as the Beach needs junk containers at different spots. Inferable from the bleak condition, the Beach now wears an abandoned look and has been decreased to a nook of hostile to social components and love winged animals. This is tragic that neither the Tourism Department official visit any such beaches for examination nor responds to media reports and with such state of mind nobody knows how the administration is intending to Promote Tourism in Andaman.