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Mayabunder, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

How to Reach

Mayabunder, otherwise called Maya Bandar, is at a distance of 241 km from Port Blair in the northern piece of the Middle Andaman's by street. Along these lines, this place can be come to by procuring a taxi or boarding a transport to go by street. Mayabunder, the second biggest tehsil in that district, can likewise be come to through the conduits by voyaging 136 km as Andaman is all around associated through ports and water vessels.

From Rangat it is about 70 KM by Road to the North. Three hours Bus Journey.

Visitor Information

Famous for: Zoology,Nature,Photography
Entrance Fee: No Entrance Fee
Visiting Time:
Morning: 8 am to 12 pm
Evening: 2:30 pm to 5 pm
The Forest Museum is closed on Sundays.
Visit Duration: 30 Minutes to 1 hour
Best Time to Visit: November to Febrauary

Where to Stay

Mayabunder is a gradually creating territory, so there ae restricted convenience choices for tourist.Sea and Sand is effectively the great place to remain with basic and open rooms.The Tourism Department additionally runs a stunning resort close to the ocean side. The rest house is held for the administration authorities, however they do offer the spaces for visitor. Booking is conceivable in Port Blair office and must be done in advance.Some other shoddy and extremely straightforward cabin are accessible close principle advertise.

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About Forest Museum

The Forest Museum at Mayabunder is famous for its wide collection releated to forest and assortment of trees. Be that as it may, lamentably, with Port Blair being the capital of Union Territory and the Havelock Island, the Neil Island and the Baratang Island being the absolute most famous traveler goals on the planet, individuals regularly pass up a major opportunity for the minor beautiful zones that enhance this super place. Consequently, it is prescribed that the vacationers must visit the Forest Museum at Mayabunder to get a knowledge into the genuine diamonds of the islands of Andaman. The Forest Museum is a small yet very much supplied exhibition hall. It has an inspiring accumulation of wide variety of vegetation that are only found in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This historical center is extremely famous among understudies and educationists. The district of Mayabunder frequently gets scratched off from the plan of the sightseers as a result of its separation from Port Blair. In any case, it must be expressed that since this place has not been marketed to that degree, the magnificance that is held in this local is genuinely unparalleled. Be it the dawn and the dusk over the blurring skyline or the volcanic soil helping the travelers to remember the development of this delightful earth, Mayabunder has its own stories in store for the sightseers. With a broad assortment of verdure delineating the small engineering ponders, this place powers the guests not to take the eyes off for all intents and purposes everything. To top it all, the colorful gathering at the Forest Museum is an additional radiance. Along these lines, as Mayabunder itself, delegated by the eminence of the Forest Museum, is a fortune trove, this place is an absolute necessity visit for all. The real attractions that are determined to show in this gallery incorporate the relics that are produced using timber, gurjan, oak, glossy silk wood and paduak. These showed curios mirror the rich and thick vegetation found in the islands. The backwoods office likewise completes looks into and the results of these examination exercises can be unmistakably found in this exhibition hall. To include season for the visitors, the historical center additionally fuses a scaled down zoo and a little zoological garden inside the building. roosted on a long projection comfortable best of the island and encompassed by mangrove swamps, Mayabunder is a springboard for the remote northern Andaman Islands. The town, home to a substantial minority of previous Burmese Karen tribal individuals who were initially brought here as modest logging work yet the British, is more engaging than Rangat, yet again there is little to hold your enthusiasm for long.
At the temples of the slope, before it plummets to the wharf, a little hexagonal wooden structure houses the Forest Museum/Interpretation Center, which holds a diverse gathering of turtle shells, winds in formaldehyde, dead coral, a crocodile skull and valuable little data. Adjacent, the APWD Rest House is extensive and extremely agreeable, with a lovely garden and gazebo neglecting the ocean, and a lounge area serving great set dinners. The main other sensible settlement adjacent is back in the focal point of the bazaar at the anmol Lodge, some of whose appended room have TV. Advance away from home at Karmatang Beach, 14 km southeast, there's another Anadaman & Nicobar Tourism inn, the swiftlet Nest however nothing else. Two transports should go there day by day, fizzling which there are cabs or auto-rickshaws.