Red Oil Palm Plantaion

Hut bay
Little Andaman
Andaman and Nicobar Islands-744207 .
  • little-andaman-red-oil-palm-plantation
  • little-andaman-red-oil-palm-plantation
  • little-andaman-red-oil-palm-plantation
  • little-andaman-red-oil-palm-plantation

How to reach

  • Form port balir boat and seaplane is available to HutBay.
  • Little island is 120kms away from the port balir.Boat service is available from the port balir to little island.

About Red Oil Palm Plantaion

Little anadaman is unique and attracts every traveller by its beautifull cove,it make one to feel that you are in the end of the world.This place provides many activities like snorkelling, swimming, diving, fishing, sun basking and coral watching.One can go for boating,along with boating can enjoy the bird watching at the creek near Butler Bay to see the birds like Hawabill and Nicobarese pigeon.Tourist can hire a bike to go for a long drive arround the little andaman and can visit the beaches like Netaji Nagar and Harminder Bay Beach. Red Oil Palm plantations is famous in little andaman which spread all over 2000 hectares.It is run by the ANIFPDCL and located at distance 11kms from the jetty.Red Oil Palm plantations is situated in between the white surf waterfall and butler bay beach. This plantation is started from 1973-86 over an area of 1593 ha by importing the tenera seeds from other country.Red oil palm harvested in 1981 and in 1983 the oil extraction press was established. The thick forest is replaced by a planned plantation of millions of palm trees.Sometimes elephants can be found in the shades.Palm oil factory is also found here which produce the oil mainly for industrial use.One can also visit this factory in working hours to see the different stages of oil palm fruit production and oil extraction..Guides are not available here to show and exaplain production process but manger will help you and guide you as well.7: 7: 14: 7 is the ratio of the N, P, K, Mg fertilizers.

    Climatic conditions of little andaman
  • The annual rain fall is 3500-4000 mm
  • The temperature between 22°C-35°C.
  • It having 5-7 hours sun shine.