White Surf Waterfall

Little Andaman
Andaman and Nicobar Islands-744207 .

How to reach

  • Form port balir boat and seaplane is available to HutBay.
  • Little island is 120kms away from the port balir.Boat service is available from the port balir to little island.
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About White Surf Waterfall

White Surf Waterfall is the most beautiful evergreen forest.Situated at 6.5km from Hut Bay.By main road one reach White Surf easly.Turn just before the island just petroleum station and after about a kilometer to achieve the entrypoint.Entry fee is 20Rs per head and one should also pay the parking fee.For 2 wheelers ticket is Rs 10,3 wheelers it is ticket Rs 20,2 wheelers it is ticket Rs 30.White Surf Waterfall opens through out the year.A few people do swim but in this saltwater crocodiles have been spotted here.This place is the perfect place to relax.Little Andaman is also know as hutbay island,it is 120kms from port balir.This island has many attractive places to visit. Butler Bay beach and White Surf Waterfal are famous places in little island.White Surf Waterfal is just 7kms from the Hut Bay town.on the hill.One can trek to this waterfall and walk through the jungle to the waterfall. This area is bengali dominated area,so one see bengali culture arround Hutbay.Water fall here used to be bigger in size before the Tsunami of 2004 than the current size.This entire place is covered with lush green forests and nature lover's can enjoy by visiting this unique place.There won't be much crowded like another places because this palce is quite far from the port balir.Boat is the only way to reach little andaman from port balir and it takes 6 to 8 hours.

Where to stay?

PWD Guest house is available at HutBay town to stay.