Kayak Tour

near Havelock Jetty beach,
Havelock Island,
Andaman and Nicobar Islands .
  • Havelock kayaking view
  • Havelock kayaking view
  • Havelock kayaking view
  • Havelock kayaking view

How to Reach Kayaking in Andaman

By Air
  • Veer Savarkar International Airport at port balir is neares airtport.
  • From Chennai, Cochin, Vishakhapatnam, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, and Delhi you will get flights for Port Blair.
  • There are daily flights to Port Blair from Kolkata and Chennai.
By Sea
  • From Port Blair,visitors can take ships to reach the Andamans.
  • There is three to four ships travel to portblair from Kolkata & Chennai in every month and Also ship also available from Vishakhapatnam.
  • It take arround 2 to 3 day's to reach andaman thought sea.
  • From Port Blair, there are government and private ferries to Havelock once in a day.
  • Rs 1500 per head tickets available at jetty.

About Kayak Activity

The most prominent and greener approach to investigate Havelock islands Mangrove springs is Kayaking.Traveller can hire guide, maximum 6 person in a group per guide and minimum required age of 10 years.It takes arround 3 hours to complete the tour.Travellers can also have other activity like fishing, snorkelling etc. Kayaking is fun dive activity in Havelock Island,travellers will have lots of fun can enjoy alot.This Divers will be certified in PADI/SSI or any other Diving Institutes.Travellers get to choose between a single or double person kayak to strat tour.Just befor sunset tour begins from jetty and travellers will reach dense mangroves after 10 to 15 minitus of kayak.one can listen to the chirping of crickets, star gaze and point out constellations with Tanaz and spend 3 hours paddling on the backwaters of the dense mangroves at havelock.November and December are perfect months to get your hands on a couple of paddles and slip into a kayak. Kayaking includes sea kayaking, mangroves kayaking,snorkelling with kayaking and night kayaking.mangrove provides safe and secure ground for a variety of marine organisms.Going about as both a nursery and also a rearing ground, the mangroves have many number of life structures, for example, shrimps, green growth, barnacles, clams, wipes, mud lobsters and mangrove crabs to give some examples.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the here is in the mid-October to May. It is likewise the perfect open door for the yearly tourism. The waters are clear and tranquil after the them perfect for swimmers.

  • Price: Rs 2,500.00
  • Day Kayaking:timing 6 to 12
  • Evening Kayaking :timing 1 to 4+(Rs500 etra)
  • Night Kayaking:timing 7 to 8+(Rs1,500 extra)

Tanaz Kayak Tours

Tanaz Kayak Tours operators are one of the best operators in the Havelock island.They have there own set-up in Havelock .They takes the travellers through the dense mangrove forests and backwaters of the sea.They also provide the plenty of knowledge about mangroves, Andaman eco system, and star gazing.Duration for this tors is 2.5 hours.

  • Duration:2.5 hours
  • Equipment and gears
  • Life Jacket
  • Certified Instructor

Night kayaking tour

Night-kayaking tours are organised by Tanaz Noble at Havelock Island.tour starts at Havelock jetty, near Barefoot Bar & Brasserie. Night kayaking is one of the tour in Havelock Island in the Andamans. Just befor the sunset this tous will begins.travellers need to be swimmer and non-water-phobic and expects you to have done prior kayaking.Night kayaking activity take place during full moon days. Instructor will guide about tour tharowly and you the chance to glimpse a vast array of scenery and marine life.Duration for this tors is three hours.Before begining of tour Certified Instructor will briefing and the basis of Kayaking.They provide you life jackets for safety during the Kayaking Tour.this tours also includes snacks and refreshments with background of scenic beauty.This tour can only be best experienced when the moon is in its lowest phases.A minimum of two persons are required for the tour.

  • Duration:3 hours.
  • Price:A minimum of two persons are required for the tour. Rs 3000/- per person.
  • Departure Time:From 6:00PM To 10:00PM
  • Life jacket, buoyancy aid, throw line, paddle, helmets & motorized rescue.
  • Certified Instructor
  • wear prescription glasses do secure it with a safety cord or lanyard.
  • Safe distance must be maintained from all moving objects.
  • To avoid sunburn use sunscreen.
  • Drinking water
The Night Tours will be conducted for the year 2016 on the following dates:
  • September: 1st to 5th & 25th to 30th.
  • October: 1st to 5th & 25th to 31st.
  • December: 1st to 4th & 23rd to 30th.
The Night Tours will be conducted for the year 2017 on the following dates:
  • January: 1st to 2nd & 23rd to 30th.
  • February: 21st to 28th.
  • March: 1st to 2nd & 23rd to 31st.
Night Kayak Tours please contact Tanaz K. Noble 📱 (+91)-9933269653 📱 +91-9933269653
📱 +91-9476051158
📩 tanaznoble@gmail.com

Mangrove KayakTours

1/5th of India's toltal is covered by green mangroves of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.These mangroves helps in the development and maintenance of a healthy ecosystem. Mangrove Kayaking is one of the most secure,gives relax and quiet approaches to be submerged among nature.It is additionally an awesome activity.Duration for this tors is 2.5 hours.Experience in paddling is not required.Yoga professionals have utilized this time and condition to just meditate among the peeping of the birds and delicate lapping of the water. An assurance is that this one experience will abandon you needing to continue paddling even after you come back to your standard lives. For this we charge Rs 2,500/ - per individual, which incorporates refreshments, life coats and an certified instructor.

Mangrove kayak tours contact Tanaz K. Noble 📱 (+91)-9933269653 📱 +91-9933269653
📱 +91-9476051158
📩 tanaznoble@gmail.com

Snorkel Kayak Tours

The charming coral and marine existence of the Andaman and Nicobar islands have drawn sea life researcher from over the world to witness the wonders that our ocean brings to the table. Snorkeling is essentially an awesome methods for investigating the astounding and baffling marine domains of these islands which are home to a spectacular range of flora and fauna.So as to come snorkeling you don't have to know how to swim or be an accomplished snorkeler.From the Jetty, we kayak over the ocean to a delightful and shallow reef, beach our kayaks and make the most of life's miracles. After we've had our fill of the view - both under or more water - we energize our batteries with refreshments and head back.Kayak snorkeling is a quiet and unwinding approach to investigate the coral reefs of the Lighthouse and different locales in havelock at your own particular pace. The timings for this three-hour visit changes as per tide and accommodation. For this action we charge Rs 2,500/ - per individual. This covers all important snorkeling and security gear, refreshments, water, life coats, all vital kayaking hardware, and a confirmed guide.

Snorkel kayak tours contact Tanaz K. Noble 📱 (+91)-9476051158 📱 +91-9933269653
📱 +91-9476051158
📩 tanaznoble@gmail.com

Booking Information

  • Special request like a personal tour guide and interpreters for inbound/domestic tourists.
  • Help in arrange a private vehicle for the tour depending on group size.
  • Bank name : IDBI
  • Bank Account Name : Adventura Tours Private Limited
  • Account Number : 0237102000007368
  • IFSC : IBKL0000237
  • Account Type : Current AC
  • Address : Powai Mumbai 400076
  • PAYTM - 8898318868 - Gain Cashback / Discounts only through Online Booking.
  • Payment via - IMPS / NEFT / Cash / Cheque
  • A notification will be sent to your email and mobile with the confirmation number and contact details of the operations team to coordinate the meeting point.
  • For booking contact:📱 (+91)8898 31 8868 📱 8898 31 8868 📩 chalopicnic@gmail.com
  • Carry Id card or government issued identity for verification.

Cancellation Policy

  • No charges towards the booking in cancelling the tour due to some reasons.
  • Travellers need to notify prior in case of cancelling the tour.
  • One should make sure get to use it at a later date or cancel the booking to get a refund.