Parrot Island

Nilambur jetty,
Baratang Island,
Andaman Islands.
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How to Reach

  • Parrot Island is situated at a separation of 30 minutes from Baratang Island in South Andaman area.
  • Dunghi boat ride shoulb be taken from Baratang Jetty to reach the island.On the one can see group Mangrove trees that looks more like an evenly cut Mangrove garden.
  • From port blair to reach baratang need to take bus or cab or boats.
  • It is better to visit in evenings to Parrot Island.
  • Boat Ticket Rs. 1500 per couple

About Parrot Island

Parrot island is a portion of the Baratang region, located in the southern part of Andaman Island.It can be reached from Baratang jetty. Seeing a huge number of parrots returning home before sunset. Going by this little island is an interesting ,it contains combines bird watching, boat rides and a view of a beautiful sunset.Parrot Island is a beautiful and famous tourist attraction.On this stunning, thick island, each night a huge number of parrots flock together and roost here. They leave this island next morning. Meanwhile they trim the island and leave it perfectly pruned. This island is bird paradise and home to thousands of parrots. Bird watchers will good time in Parrot Island. During sunsets group of five parrots flies over the island and leaves, after about 10 minutes numerous birds arrive at the island to settle down. Parrot island is level island, secured with rich green trees and mangroves. The trees are home to parrots that can be watched coming back to their homes, as the sun starts to set. To experience an interesting escapade, one needs to stay for a night at Baratang to have the oppertunity to see this. The boats for Parrot island leave not sooner than 4.15pm and at that point they get back, there are no arrival transports left for Port Blair.In addition there are a few private speed boats.The cost of these private boats is based on the boat type and season. The entire trek goes on for around 2.5 hours.Boat ride from parrot island to offers beautiful view of mangroves and hundreds of parakeets hovering the jungle.It is the beautiful scene for capturing photos.Parrots visit the island every day at regular intervals and trim the mangrove forest by their beaks at Parrot Island,this keeps forest perfect shape.Trip to parrot island give according to the boat type and season.
Where to Stay?

Near by jetty there are Forest and Government guest houses avaible to stay.

Climate of the Parrot Island

The climatic conditions of Parrot Island is quite similar Baratang Island.To exploring this island may and october is the perfect period,In this period temperature remains between 23 degrees Celsius and 31 degrees Celsius.

Best time to visit

Parrot Islands is best place to visit during peak seasons and winter through the beginning of summer.