Baratang Island

Baratang Island,
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How to Reach

  • From port blair 100kms to reach Baratang island.
  • One can reach baratang island by boat or by road from port blair.
  • Government buses , private buses,a hired cab and other transport are available.
  • Private AC Coaches to Baratang Island includes lunch,picks you up from respective hotels and resorts.One can book bus ticket through online also.
  • The nearest airport is Port Blair which is connected with all other major airports.
  • Tourist can take boat to reach the Nilambur Jetty,which is nearest place to Baludera.
  • Tourist can avail bus tour to Barantang Island or a personal Vehicle depending on the budget and convenience.For Shared Bus tour one should report around 3 AM in the morning at Port Blair.Pick up loaction for the bus is at Goalghar, Phoenix Bay, Phoenix Bay Jetty, Gandhi Status, Aberdeen Bazaar Clock Tower, Dairy Farm, Bhatu Basti and Sippighat.
  • Journey takes arround 2 hrs and 30 minutes from Port Blair to Middle Strait.From Port Blair to Jirkatang takes 1hr 15 min(40 kms) and then Jirkatang to Baratang takes 1 hr 15 mins(49 kms)
  • The fare for the government bus is Rs 80.
  • If you want to return on same day one should take conducted tour of the Baratang islands,In this case you can miss watching Parrot Islands.

About Baratang Island

Baratang Island is a door to North and Middle Andaman District of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.This District is unexplored from the tourism perspective. Baratang Island is 9kms from Nilambur Jetty,This island is clam and serene environment and it is suitable for long evening walks.Baratang Island is home town to  Jarawa tribe. Andaman has the most beautiful place like beaches, mangrove creeks, mud-volcanoes, Dense Forest,Tribes, Dongi rides,birds, caves and trekking,and limestone caves.Barantang offers all these in single place.Trip to this place is best part of your trip because of its virgin beauty and natural wonders.The permission of Forest Department or local guidance is required to explore the limestone cave.A road to Rangat and Mayabunder goes through baratang island.Baratang island is arround 90kms from the from Port Blair.Photographing strictly prohibited.Requires to leave in early morning at 4 AM. and can return back by 6PM.The journey through thick, dense forest area to reach baratanfg island,journey through forest area is arround 50kms.Parrot Island and Rangat is also located in baratang.Tourists should stay at Baratang to visit Parrot Island and Rangat.From baratang jetty,journey start from the point of forest check post.Trourist journey start from this forest check post in group of vehicles moving towards Baratang jetty.Security people will provided for each group to front and back vehicles. From port blair vehical start at 4 AM and reach forest check post by 6.00AM.The first clearence for vehicle movement starts at 6AM.At this chech post Tea and refreshments will be available.Toilets are built here for public,visitors need to pay to use those toilets.This check post is starting piont of Jarawan reserve.Narrow road ,thick and dens forest can be seen on either side at final half of the journey.

Where to stay at baratang island?

One can stay at Forest and PWD guest houses at baratang.Their are private accommodations are availabe to stay.At Baludera beach has eco-friendly huts and treetop huts which attracts the tourists to spend some time during their stay at Baratang Island.Their is no tourist facilities available here like luxury accommodation facilities and fancy restaurants.The accomodation cost will be in the range from INR 2000 to INR 3000 for NON-AC.

Best time to visit.

November to February is the best time to visit Baratang Island.This season is suitable for the water activities, trekking and sightseeing.

Weather and Climatic Conditions

winters and early summers is the best time to vist Baludera beach.The 23 to 31 degrees Celsius and weather.During in the month of may Travellers can also visit the beach.

Crossing the bay

To cross the sea bay,Launch service is available to reach Uttara jetty.From Uttara jetty visitors can move towards Uttara jetty.People can climb up to the top of the ferry while travelling to experience view of the forest and sea area.During the fall season forest looks dark green.All vehicals should wait near check post at Baratang jetty,once all vehicles reaches the check post gate will be opened.Vehicles should go in groups.Journey will start once all the vehicles gather together. This gate will opens at 2 PM in normal days.Launch service reaches at 6.30PM to ort blair.There are some hotels and houses available,they povide meals for lunch.One should give advance to those people for lunch before proceeding towards Lime stone caves.They take arround 30Rs per head to serve food.

Near by Attractions

Limestone caves

It takes half and hour to reach Lime Stone Caves from Baratang island through Nayadera Jetty and tropical forest by boat.These rocks are formed at the bottom of the sea by the compression over millions of years of the gradual deposits of many ingredients such as marine life, shells, skeletons and corals.Inside the caves its too dark ,torch light is need to see anything inside the caves.The distance to Nayadera Jetty is arround 240mtrs.visitors can reach by boat or by cab or by walk through the Nayadera jetty.Boat ride connects the limestone caves with Baratang jetty,it goes through mangrove creek.Visitors need to carry floaters or shoes to go inside the caves.

Mud volcano

Visitors ca reach Mud Volcano from Nilambur jetty by road.One can also reach Mud volcano through Jarawa creek,which is walkable distance from Mud volcano.Mud volcano is formed by natural gases emitted by decaying organic matter underground.


Parrot island is a portion of the Baratang region, located in the southern part of Andaman Island.It can be reached from Baratang jetty. Seeing a huge number of parrots returning home before sunset. Going by this little island is an interesting ,it contains combines bird watching, boat rides and a view of a beautiful sunset.Parrot Island is a beautiful and famous tourist attraction.On this stunning, thick island, each night a huge number of parrots flock together and roost here. They leave this island next morning. Meanwhile they trim the island and leave it perfectly pruned.This island is bird paradise and home to thousands of parrots. Bird watchers will good time in Parrot Island. During sunsets group of five parrots flies over the island and leaves, ffter about 10 minutes numerous birds arrive at the island to settle down. Parrot island is level island, secured with rich green trees and mangroves. The trees are home to parrots that can be watched coming back to their homes, as the sun starts to set. To experience an interesting escapade, one needs to stay for a night at Baratang to have the oppertunity to see this. The boats for Parrot island leave not sooner than 4.15pm and at that point they get back, there are no arrival transports left for Port Blair.In addition there are a few private speed boats.The cost of these private boats is based on the boat type and season. The entire trek goes on for around 2.5 hours.Boat ride from parrot island to offers beautiful view of mangroves and hundreds of parakeets hovering the jungle.It is the beautiful scene for capturing photos.Parrots visit the island every day at regular intervals and trim the mangrove forest by their beaks at Parrot Island,this keeps forest perfect shape.Trip to parrot island give according to the boat type and season.

Roglachang Beach:

This beach is best place for long silent evening walks and to spend some peaceful time at the beach.

Baratang Jetty:

Visitors reach baratng jetty after one and half hour,at the end of forest journey.One can find the check post here also.Photographs is prohibited.Visitora can relax for some time.cisitors visit this place in group so it is easy to manage to cross the sea bay using small boats.One should take care of their belongings.

Mangrove creeks:

This is the most romantic rides amidst the secluded creeks and surrounding with greenery.This is the best place for honeymoon,to spend time with your partner.

Things to do

  • Swimming:Baludera beach is the best and safe place for swimming purposes.During low tide one can splash upto even one kilometer in the shallow water.
  • Elephant Ride:The elephant ride at the beach,visitors can enjoy this ride during their visit to Baludera beach.
  • Jetty rides
  • Soothing beaches

Things to Remember

  • It is required to take tours and travel package,which is offerd by the local tourism agents to visit Baratang Island by Baratang Jetty.
  • Tourist should carry packed food and water with them to avoid unavoidable circumstances while visiting Baratang Island.
  • Carry torch light to visit limestone caves.
  • Do not put hands into the water while travelling in the boat.