Baludera beach

Baratang Jetty,
Baratang Island,
Andaman Islands.
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How to Reach

  • Port Blair is the closest airport from Baludera beach which is associated with all other airport. The separation between Baludera Beach and Port Blair is around 100 kms, bus and a hired cab on National Highway 223 that heads towards Diglipur.
  • On the other hand, a few visitors like to take a boat to reach Nilambur Jetty (Middle Strait), which is nearest to the Baludera beach.
  • Baludera beach is situated at a separation of 9 kms from Nilambur Jetty and is associated by road from Baratang. It takes around 15 minutes to achieve Nilambur Jetty from Baratang through a ship and the other way around.
  • Ship ride to and from the Nilambur Jetty are booked at regular intervals by the Andaman and Nicobar visitor office for the visits who wish to see Baludera beach. In any case, because of the closeness, vacationers want to set out by street to achieve the beach.

About Baludera beach

Baludera beach, situated on the eastern side of the Baratang Island, is at a separation of around 9 kms from Nilambur Jetty. It is yet another quiet and deserted beach on the Andamans that is yet to be investigated and is totally uninhabited. Visitors want to visit this island due to its quiet and tranquil condition, making it appropriate for long night strolls. The eco-friendly huts for accommodation and treetop huts at the Baludera beach additionally pulls in the visitors that have a tendency to invest some peaceful quality time to stay at the Baratang Island.Visitors can have a great time, they can also enjoy elephant rides as well.



One of the most secure islands and considered as totally unspoiled at Baratang, the Baludera beach is totally protected and practically ideal for swimming purposes. As per local people, visitors can splash upto even one kilometer in the shallow water at low tide.

Elephant Ride

Visitors and their youngsters can Enjoy and appreciate the elephant ride at the beach amid their visit. Remain in Treetop Huts. The eco-friendly accommodating huts on the Baludera beach are an unquestionable requirement encounter for every single guest. This Place is most reasonable for spendig some time at the beach.

Places To visit near

Limestone Caves

Boat ride from the jetty and the destination is considerder as one of the awsome experience.visitors are arrtracted by the beauty of the boat ride journey describe their experience as ‘breathtaking’.Boat ride starts from 8Am in the early morning for limestone cave,this journey offers a best traveling experience to the visitors.

Mud Volcano:

Mud Volcano are erupted last in 2005 after the Indian Ocean earthquake.Baratang Jetty is 4km from the Mud volcano.Travelers can hire the Private cab or jeep from jetty.cost around Rs. 400 for a return journey.

Parrot Island

This is a little island situated at a separation of 30kms from Baratang Jetty. It is well known for its thick mangrove timberlands that are impeccably pruned by the returning parrots each night. Sunset view at the edge of a tremendous ocean will be mesmerizing, this place is an absolute necessity see for all the bird animal watching lovers.

Roglachang Beach

This beach is a perfect spot for the individuals who might want to invest some serene energy at the beach. Most suitable for long silent evening walks.

Climatic Conditions

The best time to visit the Baludera beach is in winters and early summers.At this time, the temperature runs between 23 to 31 degrees Celsius and climate is properly lovely for best experience to visitors.Visitors visit the beach during the monsoons that strike in the long stretch of May, nonetheless, there are bad climate and the island getting hit by violent winds and typhoons. Going to the island amid the ideal season is ideal since a considerable measure of different places on Andaman and Nicobar gathering of island can also be gone by during a same time.

Things to Remember

  • Take tours and travel package being offered by the local tourism to reach Baratang Jetty.
  • Have packed food and water bottle while visiting the Baratang Island.
  • Carry the torch during your visit to the limestone caves and moving towards mangrove forest.
  • Do not put your hands in water while traving boat.salt water crocodiles will be there.